Yummy avocado, carrots, apricots, cheese, cantaloupe, cucumbers and homemade bread

Today was one of those days when the stars aligned. You know those days, when things just seem to work out no matter what you do? Perfect days are rare, trust me, with two little munchkins nipping at my heels most of the time; “plans have changed, adjust accordingly”, is my middle name. I don’t like it, but it is so. But not today, everything worked like clockwork, it was nuts. Almost unbelievable. One of the things I was most proud of was our lunch. Yes, everyone can begin laughing now, chuckle all you want. I know I’m ridiculous, but I can’t help myself!

I actually planned ahead for lunch, which I rarely do. We always have well thought out dinners because that is where the veggies come into play, and breakfast is pretty easy, especially when you eat stuff like my¬†strawberry raisin cereal, but lunch normally gets forgotten, or ignored. I think my mind is boycotting this meal. You expect dinner to be effort, but ever since we stopped eating deli meat and cheese sandwiches every single day of our lives, lunch has gotten to be something else I have to think about. And boy does that fire me up! Anyway, I had some homemade bread I made previously and added avocado, cheese, cucumbers, and a little mayo for sandwiches. On the side, we had sliced carrots, dried apricots and cantaloupe – which is pretty delicious right now – at least from the grocery store. Ta DA! Yummy, healthy lunch that doesn’t include peanut butter. (Side note: I’m not against peanut butter, just a little tired of it lately).

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Amanda Baley is a stay at home rock star to two beautiful angel babies. Her background includes a decade of marketing for engineering firms. She has recently been dabbling in marketing consulting and public relations. For now, she is smooching on babies, making a heck of a lot of food, and running, and smiling!

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