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How to freeze fresh strawberries | Foodie Mama Talks

My kids and I visited a local strawberry farm this morning. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, gotta love a Carolina blue sky. We picked a whole bucket of strawberries, and my 16 month old ate her weight in delicious, fresh berries picked straight from the vine. There really is nothing like picking and then eating strawberries straight off the vine. The grocery store version has NOTHING on these babies. Fresh strawberries really are delicious – especially in my Strawberry Raisin Cereal. You should go strawberry picking, strawberry season doesn’t last long in NC, so go as soon as you can!

When we got home I realized there were too many for us to eat before they went bad. I put half in two containers for the refrigerator. Then I recalled that recently someone brilliant told me how to take care of this lovely little problem, freeze them! (FYI, don’t wash strawberries until you are ready to use or freeze them. They will turn to mush.)


Freezing fresh strawberries

How to freeze fresh strawberries:

  • Rinse strawberries
  • Slice in 1/4″ slices, this thickness is beneficial when you are removing berries from cookie sheet
  • Place berries on cookie sheet
  • Put cookie sheet filled with strawberries in freezer for 1 hour
  • Pull out cookie sheet and wait about 30 seconds to remove strawberries, waiting allows them to easily be removed from the pan
  • Place frozen berries in freezer bags for longer storage

I was really excited to remember this little trick since I probably would have just cleaned them, sliced them and put them in a bag to turn into a giant ball of strawberry mush when thawed. Now I have lovely individually frozen berries that are simple to grab and add to yogurt, smoothies, and oatmeal. YAY!


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