So I’m watching both my sister’s kids and my 2 all week; this includes an 11-year-old, 7-year-old, almost 5-year-old, and a 19-month-old. Little stair-step angel babies, all of them are almost exactly 3.5 years apart. There will be no new recipes this week, or new research, or any other useful information on this blog – oh no there will not! What there will be is a ton – and I mean a TON – of healthy food processing and eating, laundry being washed, toys being played with, lots of negotiating with 7 and 11 year olds who are really good at negotiating already, a 4.5 year old who is more exhausted than the rest of us because she doesn’t know how to stop playing, exercise, exercise and more exercise, pools, parks, libraries, bike rides,¬†and one extremely tired mama barely able to keep her eyes open until 8pm most nights. The older kids go to bed after that so I have to at least stay up until they go to bed.

I promise to return with useful information, but this week is a pass. I am allowing myself that and I hope you will too. Smooches to you all, life is so damn good.

Amanda Baley (188 Posts)

Amanda Baley is a stay at home rock star to two beautiful angel babies. Her background includes a decade of marketing for engineering firms. She has recently been dabbling in marketing consulting and public relations. For now, she is smooching on babies, making a heck of a lot of food, and running, and smiling!

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